In a nutshell, we create passive income streams for our partners! You bring a profitable web property (or the funds for us to acquire one) and we operate (and scale) the business, creating a passive income stream for you.

StoreStream LLC is owned and operated by Dave, Kevin and Mike Hermansen. We are the founders of StoreCoach.com (the web’s premier profitable niche site training course) and have built and operated dozens of profitable online websites over the last decade. We’ve been featured on Fox Business News and in The New York Times for our proven, repeatable formula for building profitable niche sites. We also have extensive experience and expertise in the area of scaling web properties (specifically ecommerce stores).

StoreStream operates a large network of sites in various markets and niches. We’re offering business-minded people like you the opportunity to “partner with us” on one or more sites, sharing in the site’s monthly operating profits and, eventually, its sale proceeds. In a nutshell, here’s how it works…

  • You fund the web property acquisition (or bring a profitable website)
  • We do ALL the work (acquire the business, handle the takeover, redesign, catalog expansion, advertising & marketing efforts to grow it, etc.), and
  • You get a share of the monthly profits and sale proceeds.

Reach out to us to discuss the possibility of creating a passive income stream for you.