We’ve been building and operating profitable niche eCommerce stores for over a decade. Here’s a sampling of our success…

  • – $8,000+ monthly net profit
  • – $6,000+
  • – $5,000+
  • – $8,000+
  • – $7,000+

Now, not every store we build does this well, but the average niche eCommerce store we’ve built and marketed over the past 10 years has made over $3,000 per month in bottom-line net profit.


We are the creators of several popular and successful eCommerce training programs, including:

  • How to Make a Living Flipping Websites (2008)
  • Niche Blueprint (2009 – 2011)
  • (2012 – Present)

Through these programs, we’ve coached and mentored thousands of entrepreneurs over the past several years, giving us a wealth of knowledge and experience above and beyond what we’ve acquired through building and operating our own network of eCommerce stores.


Don’t just take our word for it that we’re eCommerce experts! Take a look at the national press we’ve garnered for our expertise and proven track record…

Dave was interviewed live via satellite on Fox Business News and was also featured on the popular “Kurt the Cyber Guy” show on KTLA Los Angeles.

We’ve also been featured in The New York Times and on numerous eCommerce blogs and podcasts, including both major marketplaces for buying and selling web stores and other digital properties: and

Meet the Founders & Directors


Dave Hermansen

Chief Executive Officer

Dave is a well-known expert in the world of eCommerce and Internet marketing. He got into eCommerce back in 2005 and basically learned everything through “trial and error.” After a couple big successes landed him on Fox Business News and The New York Times (among others), Dave recruited his brothers Kevin and Mike to join him full-time. Dave oversees the Niche Research & Selection Team as well as the Marketing Team. Dave and his lovely wife, Jen, have two children and live in Meridian, Idaho.


Kevin Hermansen

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin graduated summa cum laude with a Master’s Degree in accounting from BYU in 2006 and worked for five years in public accounting (for Ernst & Young and Cooper Norman, a regional accounting firm in Idaho). Though Kevin was on the fast-track to become a partner at his CPA firm, he was an entrepreneur at heart and decided to join Dave and Mike full-time in 2010. Kevin oversees the PPC Advertising Team and the Site Performance Team. Kevin and his beautiful wife, Jessica, have five children.


Mike Hermansen

Chief Operating Officer

Mike began his eCommerce career in 2006 while working on his business/entrepreneurship degree at Idaho State University. After seeing immediate success, he decided to go “all in” with Dave and has never looked back. Mike assisted Dave with creating all three eCommerce training courses listed above and overseen the creation of dozens of stores. Mike oversees both the Store Build-Out Team as well as the Customer Service & Order Fulfillment Team. He and his amazing wife, Barbara, have four children.


Over the past 10 years, we’ve become specialists in building niche eCommerce stores targeting product lines with strong demand but weak competition. One of the biggest keys to our track record of continued success is our proprietary niche selection process for finding niches with…

  1. site-review1A high level of online demand,
  2. Relatively steady demand throughout the year,
  3. Large profit margins, and
  4. Weak Page 1 competitors that can realistically be outranked.

Once we find a winning niche, we identify the top brand names in the niche and the manufacturer of each brand. Then we contact the manufacturers directly and set up a reseller account (i.e. dealer account) with as many of them as we can (although it’s only necessary to carry just 1 or 2 of the top brands to have a successful store). Working directly with the manufacturers allows us to get the very best pricing margins possible, rather than purchasing products from “middle-man” distributors who keep a slice of the pie for themselves.

Next, we build a content-rich, keyword-optimized, high-quality website featuring the brands we’ve been able to source (knowing we will likely be able to source additional brands later on, once the store ranks well and is getting a lot of traffic). We focus on optimizing our stores for both customers (in order to maximize the conversion rate) and Google (in order to rank well for the specific keyword phrases we’re targeting within the niche).

Once the store is completed, we launch a large-scale marketing campaign. For the first 6 months, we really put a “full-court press” on marketing, using a variety of time-tested, effective, Google-safe marketing techniques to get the store ranked well in Google and the other search engines. We also set up multiple Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaigns to drive additional traffic to the store. After the initial 6-month marketing push, we of course continue to market the store and monitor the PPC ad campaigns to continue to improve the store’s rankings and increase its profitability.

Bottom Line: You simply could not find a more
experienced, qualified team to partner with in eCommerce!